Admission Enquiry
Admission Enquiry

National Service Scheme at Tecnia Institute of Advanced Studies is a student – centered programme and it is complementary to education. It is a noble experiment in academic extension. It inculcates the spirit of voluntary work among students and teachers through sustained community interaction. It brings our academic institutions closer to the society. It is a link between the campus and community, the college and village, knowledge and action. The overall aim of TIAS NSS UNIT-I is to develop the Personality of students through community service. It gives an extension dimension to Higher Education system and orients the student youth to community service.

National Service Scheme, popularly known as NSS, was formally launched on 24th September, 1969, the birth centenary of the Father of the Nation. Starting with an enrolment of 40000 students in 37 Universities covering all states, the coverage of NSS students increased to about 26.6 lakhs (2006-07) in 198 Universities, 9117 colleges,1196 Technical Institutions, 7542 Plus Two Schools and 41 Plus Two Vocational Higher Secondary Directorates. During its 39 years of fruitful existence more than 2.7crore students have so far benefited from this largest student-volunteer ship programme in the world.

The main objectives of Tecnia National Service Scheme (NSS) UNIT-I are:

  • 1. Understand the community in which they work
  • 2. Understand themselves in relation to their community
  • 3. Identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem-solving
  • 4. Develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility
  • 5. Utilise their knowledge in finding practical solutions to individual and community problems
  • 6. Develop competence required for group-living and sharing of responsibilities
  • 7. Gain skills in mobilising community participation
  • 8. Acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitudes
  • 9. Develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters
  • 10.Practise national integration and social harmony

Circulation Section

It has meticulously selected stock of books covering all possible aspects of interests including Management, Journalism, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Economics, Business Strategies, Operations Mgt, Information Technology and Mass Communication.

1 MANAGEMENT 2260 20595
3 JOURNALISM 1003 6585
TOTAL 4355 37290

Reference Section

Reference Section is equipped with volumes on specialized books, reference books, textbooks, encyclopedias, yearbooks, dictionaries, rare books, project works, international journals, referred journals, back volume of periodicals, proceedings of conference, back volume of TJIMS, Tecnia times newsletter and Youngsters, previous question papers, govt. and corporate reports, literature on companies apart from other reading material from industry and agencies.

TOTAL 4355

TOTAL 41 101



Digital Library

The digital section of the library is equipped with multimedia PCs with internet surfing facility of latest configuration with access to various e resources subscribed J-gate, ProQuest, DELNET etc. Detailsof System and its configuration is below

Digital Library
A System Hardware Nos.

HCL Computer System: Infiniti 70; Processor: Intel Core i3 2120 2nd Gen CPU; Chipset: Intel H-61 OEM; RAM : 4GBDDR3 SD; HDD: 500 GB SATA 3.0 GBPS, 7200RPM; Integrated on Board Graphics & Audio Controller; 4USB PORTS VGA PORT, 2PCI Free DOS Preloaded DVD-RW,KBD, Optical Mouse, 18.5 TFT Display; Scanner: Cannon LIDE 120; Printer: HP LASER JET 1020; Headphone: iball Rocky Headset Over-Ear Headphone with Mic.


Wi-Fi enabled library

E-Content Section:


J-Gate is an electronic gateway to global e-journal literature. Launched in 2001 by Informatics India Limited, J-Gate provides seamless access to millions of journal articles available online offered by 13,228 Publishers. It presently has a massive database of journal literature, indexed from 47,609 e-journals with links to full text at publisher sites. J-Gate also plans to support online subscription to journals, electronic document delivery, archiving and other related services

For Password Contact Librarian


DELNET was started at the India International Centre Library in January 1988 and was registered as a society in 1992. It was initially supported by the National Information System for Science and Technology (NISSAT), Department of Scientific and Industrial Reseach, Government of India. It was subsequently supported by the National Informatics Centre, Department of Information Technology

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Eresearch is a unique & comprehensive research platform that is designed especially for B-Schools students. Eresearch will help students to be industry ready and help them for their research and project works. Students have opportunity to correlate theory with live markets and economic situation. eresearch is one of the very few research platform which covers all major financial markets and over 25 global indices with live updates 24x7

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ProQuest DELNET Management Collection provides full-text, scholarly journals and dissertations in support of the study of management theory, practical applications, policy, functions, and strategy. ProQuest DELNET Management Collection is a current database updated daily with new content.

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National Digital Library

More than 7 Lac E-books, e-journals, 3 Lac articles, 95000 thesis/dissertations, 18000+ audio-video lectures, manuscripts, 33000+ question papers, solutions, dataset, 12000+ reports, monograph, technical reports, manuals etc.

For Password Contact Librarian

Open-Content Section:


NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses in Engineering, Science and humanities streams. The mission of NPTEL is to enhance the quality of Engineering education in the country by providing free online courseware.

Virtual Labs

  • WEB Address:
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  • Password: Not Required

Objectives of the Virtual Labs to provide remote-access to Labs in various disciplines of Science and Engineering. These Virtual Labs would cater to students at the undergraduate level, post graduate level as well as to research scholars.


Projects, documents, e-contents, repositories, e-pgpathshala, spoken tutorial, talk to a teacher, a-view virtual classrooms, virtual labs, pedagogy project, e-yantra

Talk To Teacher

  • WEB Address:
  • User ID: Not Required
  • Password: Not Required

A-VIEW is an award winning indigenously built multi-modal, multimedia e-learning platform that provides an immersive e-learning experience that is almost as good as a real classroom experience developed by Amrita e-Learning Research Lab.

Spoken Tutorial

The Spoken Tutorial project is the initiative of the ‘Talk to a Teacher’ activity of the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (ICT), launched by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development, Government of India.


Annually CEC organises Video Competition and Prakriti.Prakriti is an annual film festival on environment,human rights & development.Video Competition is an annual competition meant to nurture within media centres and other educational institutes in the country.

Digital Library Inflibnet

The UGC-Infonet Digital Library Consortium was formally launched in December, 2003 by Honourable Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, the President of India soon after providing the Internet connectivity to the universities in the year 2003 under the UGC-Infonet programme.

Quantum and Nano Computing

The Quantum-Nano Centre is a multidisciplinary centre at Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra set up under MHRD National Mission on Education through ICT, with partners as IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi and IIT Madras, besides several international collaborators.


FOSSEE project is part of the National Mission on Education through ICT with the thrust area being "Adaptation and deployment of open source simulation packages equivalent to proprietary software, funded by MHRD, based at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB).


The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) was set up in 1945 as an advisory body and later on in 1987 given the statutory status by an Act of Parliament. The AICTE grants approval for starting new technical institutions, for introduction of new courses and for variation in intake capacity in technical institutions.


List of Management Journals (2017)
S.No Journals Name Remarks
1 Harvard Business Review International
2 IIM Kozhikode society Management Review International
3 IIMB Management Review International
4 Vikalpa The Journal for decision Markers International
5 Asian Journal of Management Cases International
6 IIMS Journal of Management Science International
7 International Economics & Finance Journal International
8 Journal of Management Research International
9 TDJ Training and Development Journal International
10 Journal of Financial Management & Analysis International
11 International Journal of Rural Management International
12 Journal of Banking, Information Technology & Management International
13 AJM Asian Journal of Management International
14 DIAS Technology Review International
15 Gyan Management International
16 South Asian Journal of Management International
17 Asian Journal of Managerial Science International
18 The Asian Economics Review International
19 PES Business Review International
20 Gurukul Business Review International
21 Human Capital National
22 Business Perspectives & Research National
23 Indian Journal of Finance National
24 Indian Journal of Research National
25 Indian Journal of Training and Development National
26 Journal of Supply Chain Management Systems National
27 Journal of Emerging Market Finance National
28 The Indian Journal of Industrial Relations National
29 Journal of Management National
30 The Chartered Accountant National
31 Arthshastra Indian Journal of Economic & Research National
32 Tecnia Journal of Management Studies National
33 Apeejay Journal of Management and Technology National
34 Anveshana National
35 AIMT Journal of Management National
36 Al Barkaat Journal of Finance & Management National
37 Ansal University Business Review National
38 GD Goenka Business Review National
39 Aayam: AKGIM Journal of Management National
40 AIMS Journal of Research National
41 ASBM Journal of Management National
42 The IUP Journal of Financial Risk Management National
43 The IUP Journal of Management Research National
44 The IUP Journal of Accounting Research & Audit Practice National
45 The IUP Journal of Applied Finance National
46 The IUP Journal of Organizational Behaviour National
47 Effective Executive:  An IUP Publication National
48 The IUP Journal of Entrepreneurship Development National
49 The IUP Journal of Business Strategy National
50 The IUP Journal of Brand Management National
51 The IUP Journal of Knowledge Management National
52 The IUP Journal of International Relations National
53 The IUP Journal of Operations Management National
54 The IUP Journal of Marketing Management National
55 The IUP Journal of Corporate Governance National
56 Lotus Zephyr National
57 IMED JMSR National
58 CPJ Global Review National
59 Optimization: Journal of Research in Management National
60 FIIB Business Review National
61 GITAM Journal of Management National
62 PIMT Journal of Research National
63 LBS Journal of Management & Research National
64 Journal of Global Information and Business Strategt National
65 MAIMS Journal of Management National
66 International Journal of Commerce & Management Research National
67 Journal of Social & Economic Development National
68 Metamorphosis A Journal of Management Research National
69 Paradigm National
70 Pratibimba The Journal of IMIS National
71 Productivity News National
72 The Management Accountant National
73 The Smart Manager National
74 Prabandhan  Indian Journal of Management National
75 The IUP Journal of Applied Economics National
76 The IUP Journal of Bank Management National
77 The Global Analyst National
78 Journal of Global Information & Business Strategy National
79 Case Folio: The IUP Journal of Management Case Studies National
80 Anvesha The Management Journal National
81 ITM Journal of Management Research National
82 Thie IUP Law Review National
83 Journal of IMS Group National
84 JIMS 8M: The Journal of Indian Management & Strategy National
85 JIM Quest National
86 Vimarsh National
87 Lingaya's Journal of Professional Studies National
88 MAIMT Journal of Management National
89 Review of Professional Management National
90 The IUP Journal of Supply Chain Management National
91 Effulgence National
92 Uttranchal Business Review National
93 Management Insight National
94 IITM Journal of Business Studies National
95 Saaransh RKG Journal of Management National

List of Journals BA(JMC) 2017
S.No Journals Name Remarks
1 Asia Pacific Media Educator International
2 Bio Scope South Asian Screen Studies International
3 International Journal of Communication International
4 Journal of Communication Media Watch International
5 Journal of Creative Communication International
6 Society and Culture In South Asia International
7 Journal of Global Communication International
8 Creative Forum National
9 Grassroot National
10 Journal of Global Communication National
11 Researchar's Voice National
12 The IUP Journal of English Studies National
13 Trinity Journal of Management, IT & Media National
14 tvj TV Veopar Journal National
15 University News National
16 Vidura National

List of Journals MCA 2017
S.No Journals Name Remarks
1 Asian Journal of Computer science and Technology International
2 Current Trends in Information Technology International
3 Fuzzy Sets, Rough Sets and Multivalued Operations & Application International
4 International Journal of Computational & Applied Mathematics International
5 International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research International
6 International Journal of Computer Application International
7 International Journal of Computer Science & System Analysis International
8 International Journal of Computing & Information Technology International
9 International Journal of Graphics & Multimedia International
10 International Journal of Information Analysis & Processing International
11 International Journal of Information Processing International
12 International Journal of Mathematics.Computer Science & Information Technology International
13 Journal on Computer Science International
14 Sanchayan: Prestige International Journal of Management & IT International
15 IDEAL Journal of Management & IT National
16 IITM Journal of Management & IT National
17 Indian Journal of Computer Science National
18 Indian Journal of Computer Science & Information Technology National
19 Indian Journal of Information Sources & Services National
20 ISST Journal of Mathematics and Computing System National
21 Journal on Image Processing National
22 Journal on Pattern Recognition National
23 Journal on Wireless Communication Networks National
24 MERI Journal of Management & IT National
25 National Journal of System & Information Technology National
26 SRELS Journal of Information Management National
27 The IUP Computer Science National
28 The IUP Journal of Electrical & Electronics Engineerings National
29 The IUP Journal of Information Technology National
30 The IUP Journal of Soft Skill National
31 The IUP Journal of Structural Engineering National

List of Magazine & Newspapers
S.No Magazines Dailies Periodicals
1 Business India Times of India
2 Business Today Hindustan Times
3 India Today Economic Times
4 Business World Hindustan (Hindi)
5 Out Look Punjab Kesari (Hindi)
6 Frontline Financial Express
7 Sport Star Business Standard
8 Sopan Step The Tribune
9 Rimjhim (Hindi) Navbharat Times (Hindi)
10 Bhagwat Darshan Indian Express
11 Pratiyogita Darpan (Hindi) The Statesman
12 Competition Success Review The Hindu
13 Rotary News Employment News (Weekly)
14 Corporate Citizen ----
15 Communication Today ----
16 Electronic Bazar ----
17 Digit ----
18 Open Source for You ----

Library Software & Resources

Library Software & Resources

Libsys (LSEase)






Reprographic Section is augmented with Canon iRL2318L Photocopier, which has Xerox capacity of 18 ppm (black A4), 10 ppm (black A3).

Provide upto 5 pages of photocopies to every students per day i.e. free of cost.

Inter Library Loan Facility

ILL Facility is available through Library membership of various library network

1 Developing Library Network (DELNET) Inter Library Loan facility available through DELNET. At present DELNET has 5970 libraries as its members, in 33 States and Union Territories and 25 in overseas countries.

Library Membership

Library Membership is available through Library membership cards.

1 British Council Library

ACCESS 10: (Books, Journals, Workshops, Training DVDs, Film Screening); 10 Membershipcards :20 books, 10 periodicals, library access for all members of staff.

2 American Library. Users borrowing and book reservation privileges; 05 borrowers cards Up to 20 books, 10 DVD and 10 back issues of Journals throughout the four American libraries of India.


1 Special care of Divyangs To make library facilities accessible; provide necessary individualized support with the goal of full inclusion, to maximize academic and social development .
2 Inter Library Loan (ILL) Inter Library Loan facility through DELNET
3 Library Membership
  • • British Council Library
  • • American Library
4 In-house Publications Volumes
  • • Youngster - monthly newspaper
  • • Tecnia Times - annual news letter
  • • Tecnia Journal of Management Studies - Biannual DB peer reviewed Journal
  • • Proceedings of National & International Conferences organized by TIAS.
5 New Arrivals New Books procured and displayed in separate section
6 Career Information Service
  • • Employment News
  • • Career (Hindustan Times)
  • • Accent (Times of India)
  • • Business Today, Business India, Business World,
  • • University News (AIU)
7 News Clippings All important relevant events, notices, circulars , press release, advertisements, articles of statutory bodies.
8 (CAS)Current Awareness Service Dissemination of information regarding Workshops, FDPs, Seminars, Conferences on Notice Board & Via Emails
9 Suggestions & Feedback Register for suggestion and feedback is available at counter with librarian to give inputs from members of library.
10 E-Contents
  • • J-Gate
  • • Delnet
  • • E-Research
  • • Pro-Quest
  • • National Digital Library
11 Open Contents
  • • NPTEL
  • • Virtual Labs
  • • Sakshat
  • • Talk to Teacher
  • • Spoken Tutorial
  • • CEC
  • • Digital Library Inflibnet
  • • Quantum & Nano Computing
  • • FOSSEE
  • • MHRD (AICTE)
12 Question Papers Bank Preivous year question papers available of all programs.

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