Important Dates

> Conference Date – 17th-Feb-2018

> Last date of submission of Abstract – 31st January 2018

> Confirmation about acceptance of Abstract – 04th February 2018

> Last date of complete paper submission – 8th February 2018

> Last date for registration and confirmation about paper presentation in person- 12th February 2018


This is an invitation for you to participate in the Conference and share your views by presenting a paper. Please confirm your valuable participation at the earliest. We shall be thankful, if you would share this information among your colleagues and students.

A) Format and Size
1. All papers should be in Microsoft Word Version, Font Times New Roman, font size 12, page size     A-4
2. Size of the paper - between 2500 to 3500 words.

B) Title
1. The main title of your paper must not exceed 50 characters. This includes letters, spaces and     punctuation.
2. The title should be capitalized and centered at the top of the first page of your paper.
3. If you choose to have a subtitle, it should be capitalized and centered directly below the main     title.

C) Headings
1. Headings and subheadings must be capitalized and left justified.
2. Use double space after the headings, before starting the next paragraph.
3. Font size of the main heading should be 16 and sub heading of 12.

D) Illustration Guidelines
1. Illustrations such as photographs, charts, graphs, drawings, and diagrams should be labeled, so     that they correspond with their mention in the text (e.g. Table-1, Figure-2, and Diagram-3).
2. Use only black & white glossy prints and do not attach photos to your paper.
3. Indicate on the back of each photograph your name and where the photo should be inserted in     the text.
4. Soft copy of commercial charting and graphing materials in black & white are acceptable.
5. Computer generated charts, sharp, diagrams, and maps are acceptable as long as they are     printed on a printer that produces clear, sharp image (e.g. laser printers.)

E) Photograph & CV
1. All papers must be accompanied by one passport size color photograph together with a full CV     & a brief CV (not exceeding 50 words).

G) Presentation
1. All speakers are allowed 10 minutes for presentation of their paper. The time for answering     questions is additional.
2. Power point projector system with laptop would be available for presentation. Any additional aid     required, may please be intimated in advance.

H) Paper Submission Checklist
1. Full text of your paper in Microsoft Word Version
2. Two CVs - one full length and one within 50 words.
3. One passport size color photograph.