Call for Papers
Researchers, Academicians, Industrialists and Students delegates are invited to submit their original papers. Topics covered by the conference include, but are not restricted to, the following:

(i) Web Technology
• Audio-Visual Web applications, Social media interactions
• Distributed Internet services
• Web-based personalized recommendations
• Web novelty-seeking
• Web shocking news
• Personalized Web search
• Web search and mining
• Web-based situation-aware applications
• Collaborative multimedia
• Contextualizing news articles
• Web photo tagging
• Opinion-based Web services
• Facebook user profiling
• Users Web footprints
• Web search as medical services
• Web tracking
• Web Authentication Systems
• Web social ecosystems
• Ontology-based data specification
• Context-sensitive Web data
• Web ontology
• Geo-social Web Analytics
• Webapproximating semantics
• Web latent semantic
• Semantic Web technologies
• Mobile Web cache

(ii) Social Media
• Information overload
• Social networking fatigue
• Addiction to social media
• Narcissism
• Advertising fatigue
• Privacy concerns
• Racism
• Digital divide
• The Dark Web
• Cybercrime
• Information security and social media
• Social media and techno stress
• Employee misconduct in social media
• Digital voyeurism and exhibitionism

(iii) Mobile Applications
• Mobile cloud computing models
• Cloud-IoT integration
• Mobile multimedia
• Mobile commerce
• Mobile multimedia applications
• Mobile computer graphics,
• Games and entertainment
• Mobile social networking
• Security and privacy in mobile systems

*The subtopics are indicative but not restrictive and any other area related with the theme can be considered