Artificial Intelligence is able to perceive patterns in data that humans cannot. AI-guided transport is no longer being confined to the pages of sci-fi literature. Self- driving cars have already populated the market; however, a driver is required at the wheels for safety purposes. With Google, Uber and General Motors trying to establish themselves at the top in this market, it will not be long before driverless vehicles become a reality. Machine Learning will be crucial in ensuring that these Automated Vehicles operate smoothly and efficiently. Robotic Process Automation is the application of machine learning to automate rule-based tasks. It will help people to focus on the critical aspects of their job while leaving the routine aspects to machines. Automation can range from data entry to complete process automation. The reach of AI is also expected to blanket jobs that are risky or healthhazardous like bomb diffusion and welding. The application of AI in sales and marketing seems a definite, considering the fact that marketing professionals leave no stone unturned to benefit their business. AI can increase the efficiency of sales and marketing organization. The focus will be on improving conversion rates and sales. Personalized advertising, knowledge of customers and their behavior gleamed through facial recognition can generate more revenue. AI in Robotics is a form of automation that is helping twenty-first century manufacturers in numerous industries gain rapid increases in productivity. Functions formerly performed by humansespecially difficult, dangerous, monotonous, or tedious tasksare now often assumed by robots or other mechanical devices that can be operated by humans or computers.
Moreover, robots can be used to take the place of humans in extreme settings or life-threatening situations involving nuclear contaminants, corrosive chemicals, or poisonous fumes. Firmly established as a critical manufacturing technology, robotics is gaining increasing acceptance by the workforce, garnering praise for its reliability, and being utilized more extensively in medium and small companies
This 33rd National Conference on Advancements in Artificial Intelligence: Robotic Solutions for Business (NCAAIRSB-2018) offers a platform to discuss opportunity and challenges in the area of artificial intelligence and robotics related to the emerging trends, research technologies & business solutions therof. The conference is seen as a forum to bring together researchers, practitioners from academia, industry & government, to share their knowledge and their work to enrich the students, faculty members & other participants.