How to Participate ?
Interested candidate are requested to send the duly filled registration form. The candidate who wishes to contribute their submission should send the electronic copy of their paper at the following e-mail: The submission for the Conference may be in the form of descriptive, critical, research papers and case studies to mirror theory, research, practice and reflective thinking in the above area. Paper should contain abstract not more than 100 words along with key words the abstract may be submitted to

General Instructions for Paper Submission

1. Paper should clearly indicate the title of the paper (title case), name (s)of the authors, E-mail Ids, address of the organizatin of the authors with telephone number.

2. Length of the paper should not exceeds 5000 words, single space10.5 point font size (Times New Roman or Arial), MSWord.

3. Abstract should not be exceeding 300 words, and should includes, methodology, sample of population and salient findings

4. Paper should have at least 3-4 Keywords.

5.Strictly Follow the APA Style for Reference for references and cited work.The specimen for various kinds of entries of APA Style is reproduced for ready reference.

6.Authors are supposed to prepare PPT for the conference presentation and should send before attending the conference.

7. The accepted papers for the authors,may submit ‘Certificate of Originality and copyright’.
Paper may be sent to ‘Convener’ at the address given on the last page of the brochure and also copy to on or before 23rd October,2018