Theme & Sub Themes
Track one: Responsible Marketing Conceptual Foundations:
• Corporate Social Responsibility
• Social Marketing
• Enlightened Marketing
• Consumer-Oriented Marketing
• Innovative Marketing
• Sense-of-mission Marketing
• Green Marketing
• Digital Marketing & Marketing Innovations
• Environmental Sustainability: Challenges and Issues
• Sustainable Development : In Search of New Development Model
• Corporate Governance and Sustainability
• Use of Technology in Achieving Sustainability through Responsible Marketing
• Environmental and Social Accounting& Audit
• Responsible marketing , costing & reporting
• Accounting for value: Measuring and Managing Social Investment
• Value Marketing
• Entrepreneurial Experiences

Track two: Legal & Ethical Issues in Responsible Marketing
• Regulation and Compliance
• Business Ethics and Corporate Performance
• Social responsibility, Ethics and Accountability in the Digital Society
• Business Ethics and Corporate Strategy
• Consumer Protection Laws
• Environmental Protection Laws
• Changing facets of the Regulations
• Social Auditing Integrating CSR with Business Policy
• Creating impact and ensuring sustainability of community based programmes
• Government Perspectives on Sustainability
• Corporate Governance and sustainability
• Environmental Sustainability

Track three: Responsible Company and Management
• Business taking responsibility: Conceptual and Empirical Models of Socially Responsible     Management including case studies
•  Taking Responsibility and making others take responsibility
• Taking responsibility across borders: Globalization and Cross Cultural issues in Socially     Responsible Management
•  The relationship between Public Policy and Socially Responsible Management
•  Social Governance and Socially Responsible Management –who governs the managers?
•  Taking responsibility for social and environmental problems: Human Rights, Social Justice, Work     Life Balance, Environment and Sustainability, Climate Change
•  CSR and Sustainability
•  Evaluation, Monitoring and Documenting CSR Practices
•  Accounting for Value: Measuring and Managing Social Investment
•  Creating Impact and ensuring Sustainability of Community Based Programmes
•  Turning CSR into Corporate Social Innovation
•  Case Studies on Best Practices in CSR (Private and Public Sector)
•  Corporate Citizen