Conference Objectives

Responsible Marketing is critical of excessive consumerism, environmental damage caused by corporation and any kind of exploitation of consumers for the benefit of the organization. It is based on the idea that market offerings must not be only profit driven, but they must also reinforce social and ethical values for the benefit of citizens.

The idea of socially responsible marketing can be viewed as an extension of the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR is promoted as a business model to help companies self-regulate, recognizing that their activities impact an assortment of stakeholders, including the general public.

CSR is sometimes described as a pyramid, starting with economic as its base, then legal, ethical and philanthropic actions at the top. It is in the last two layers of the CSR pyramid, ethical and philanthropic, that socially responsible marketing opportunities appear the greatest. Meeting the first two layers, economic and legal, are necessary for a business to thrive in order to engage in the latter two The conference invites researchers and practitioners to share their understandings on Responsible Marketing and provide a forum where researchers and practitioners engage in robust discussions on ideas, new directions and create innovative practices that impact responsible marketing.